External Communications

Ideal for:

Communicating with your customers, investors, and the general public. From long-form ‘documentary’ films that communicate complex issues to short web films that promote your business, or ‘how to’ guides for your web customers.


DVDs, web films, Promos, City updates

Clients Include:

  • Drax Power - Public information film using documentary footage
  • Halfords - Quarterly results broadcast to the City
  • Halfords - Short web films demonstrating products and services
  • SEAT - Interviews and documentary footage for a webfilm
  • Illy - PR film about a sponsored event
  • Easi Recycling - promotional introduction for their website

Case Studies

See some examples of specific projects we've worked on with our clients to acheive their objectives.

Halfords Halfords
Pembroke Power Station Pembroke Power Station
Illy Illy