Pembroke Power Station Case Study

The Challenge:

Refresh and revitalise Health and Safety Induction.

Our Solution:

We took a family to work… We created a fresh and engaging scenario to get across serious health and safety messages. We used actors (including children) in a ‘drama documentary’ that communicated all the key health and safety messages – eg what to do when the fire alarm sounds, what PPE must be worn – while putting the implications of not following H&S procedures in a very real and personal context. By confounding viewers’ expectations and even having some fun along the way, we produced a film that delivered the key messages in an unusual and memorable way.

What the Client Said:

When Pembroke Power Station needed a new site induction, AON delivered something truly inspirational. They can ‘think outside the box’ but also have a practical and common sense approach, which has been a breath of fresh air! Their ‘can do’ approach is infectious, and they produced an induction which has been exceptionally well received. AON is a professional and dynamic company who deliver confidence every step of the way. We are looking forward to our next project.

Jason Morse
Safety Engineer,Pembroke Power Station