1reality Training

1reality is our unique partnership with Reality Training. 1reality delivers two hits of sales training: first, a bespoke training workshop tailored to meet your company’s needs delivered by the country’s leading double act trainers, Bob Morrell and Jeremy Blake.

But that’s not all. To truly embed the knowledge and practices that will inspire and invigorate your workforce, we produce a film or package that communicates everything the workshop covered in a stimulating and creative way. It’s not simply a film of the workshop, but a whole new way of capturing and communicating the training messages, using animations, virtual reality, and above all humour and straight talking to ensure everyone gets the complete training – whether they’ve attended the workshop or not.

An ideal way to embed training – and to cascade it throughout your workforce – 1reality is the new approach to sales training that will get your workforce selling and your customers returning.

For more information, see the 1reality website